Cansada de tu estilo? 3 Pasos que no fallan para renovar tu look

Cansada de tu estilo

Cansada de tu estilo y de verte siempre igual? No estás sola en tu dilema.

A todas y todos nos pasa que en algún momento nos vemos en necesidad de un cambio, de un aire renovador en nuestra apariencia que nos motive y de un subidón a nuestra autoestima.

En lo personal, mi estilo en la moda siempre ha sido influenciado por una tendencia clásica, y aunque en ocasiones quería cambiar, mi miedo al riesgo y a terminar en “fashion-victim me impedían apostar por un cambio radical.

Cansada de tu estilo

Fue en medio de mi desarrollo como asesora de imagen que logré una evolución en mi estilo y comencé a incorporar elementos de cambio, pero siempre fiel a mi gusto personal y tendencia clásica.

El que tengamos un “estilo” determinado, no implica que no podamos aventurarnos a nuevas propuestas que puedan ampliar nuestro repertorio, ayudándonos a lucir una imagen renovada y fresca, acorde con nuestra morfología, adpatada a nuestra edad, entorno y lo más importante objetivos.

3 Tips para renovar tu look, sin ser muy drásticos:

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Ropa incómoda que no paramos de comprar

Ropa Incómoda

Ya estás peinada, el maquillaje ya en su punto, y la ropa tendida sobre la cama, sólo ponértela y ya estás lista en la puerta…pero hay un detalle, es una ropa incómoda que tu sola no llegas a abotonarte el cierre de la espalda, o subir el cierre por más contorcionismo o estiramiento que hagas.

Todas hemos pasado en algún momento por situaciones similares, donde la frustración termina apoderándose de nosotras al no poder quitarnos o ponernos una ropa o accesorio sin tener que recurrir a la ayuda de otra persona. De igual modo, escotes que si hacemos el menor movimiento muestra más de lo que realmente estamos dispuestos o era nuestro plan mostrar.

Ropa Incómoda

¿Por qué no se habla más de esta ropa incómoda en las revistas?

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Quieres lucir sexy? 5 Tips para no lucir vulgar en el intento


Sexy es una que oímos casi a diario y una manera en la que todos queremos vernos, en algún momento u otro. Por ello, hoy quiero hablarte del requisito esencial que nos ayuda a sentirnos sexyy no consiste en ir a comprar la ropa más reveladora del mercado.

Ningún consejo de revista, estilista, ni vestimenta pueden ayudar a lucir sexy sino entendemos que la imagen visual que proyectamos funciona a la par con nuestra auto-percepción (la imagen que tenemos de nosotros mismos). Y es allí donde entran en juego dos elementos fundamentales para lograr sentirnos como queremos con nuestra imagen: La confianza en nosotros mismos y la naturalidad.

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Butt Enhancing Jeans for Violin Hips and Muffin Top

The first thing we need to address when it comes to styling is getting to know our bodies, so we can wear clothes that flatter us in the right places, instead of fighting them wanting to wear something that might not be the best fit for our shape.

Have you ever heard of Violin hips? Well, they are the ones that sit upper than regular hips and have a dip to them, which is what gives them that violin shape, hence the name. Love Handles or muffin top is excess fat sitting on the sides of the torso. Continue reading “Butt Enhancing Jeans for Violin Hips and Muffin Top”

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

I often get surprised by how shoes get neglected in a daily women’s outfit. Some put great effort into their makeup, clothes, bags and other accessories, and little love goes to that part of the ensemble that makes everything come beautifully together: the shoes!

Shoes need to be aligned with the rest of our clothes to make it the perfect ensemble. If you are using a great shaping dress, but you add rounded worn-out flats it will not enhance or support the stylish look you are trying to pull with that dress. Of course, the latest trend is to wear any dress with sneakers, which in most cases look good, but again depending on the shape and state of those shoes and the stylish appearance you want to create.

The case in point is not only about the fit or model of the shoes, but also the state they are in…anything showing too much wear and tear will belittle your whole look. If –like me– you don’t have the budget to own every single Louboutin and/or Altuzarra that there is or a pair of shoes for every occasion or dress cut, then there are some basic pairs that will go with most of your wardrobe.

Basic shoes to have in your wardrobe:

Pumps: They come in all shapes (D’Orsay, Peep Toe, Platform, Pointed, Slingback, etc) but the absolute must-have should be a pair of black and nude stilettos. These will go with absolutely everything! They will make you look like a model in a dress, and they will elevate any jeans outfit to the next level. I would also recommend adding a pair of bright colored pumps to make any black or neutral outfit stand out, adding chicness to your outfit.

Wardrobe must-have

If you are tall or cannot stand high heels, then you could opt for Kitten Heeled ones, which would be more comfortable for you.

Sandals: This one might vary depending on your location. I live in Brussels, where it’s raining most of the time -all year long- therefore to me sandals are a rare thing to wear, I get to use them in the summer, but only for a couple of weeks, so it’s not something that I would invest too much on. However, a great pair of black high-heeled or golden/nude ones it’s a must in any women’s closet.


If you live in a more tropical weather, then you can benefit from the ample choice of sandals, which are great to give a sense of elongated legs, they add an even more feminine touch to any dress, and you can also show your tan and brag of your lovely pedi.


Flats: Or loafers are still great to use to give sort of a preppy look to your casual outfits, so it’s always nice to have one pair handy. Also if you are tall, you can get away with these even while wearing dresses. Make sure to go for one with neutral colors that go with everything.

Flat sandals are also a must, mainly when you are on summer holidays.

Flat sandals

Boots: The variety of types and models are countless, so these also depend mostly on your location. If you live in a cold country with heavy winters, then -even as a matter of safety because of the snow- at least 3 pair of boots are welcomed in your closet. Think of black and brown as universal colors that will go with everything. I would suggest owning a black pair with high heels, that will make any outfit more formal, and you can even wear with dresses. Also, a pair of flats that will make it easier to walk in the rain and/or snow.

Boots for every occasion

Sneakers: Now that sports shoes are all the rage and people wear them with absolutely everything, it will be good to have a white and black pair to combine with skirts, jeans and dresses alike making you look super trendy and stylish. All brands have come out with innumerable models of these, so the choice is huge.

Sneakers for every occasion

So these are –to me– the basic shoes every woman should own to look great all year long and enhance any outfit. Also, remember to keep them clean and in proper shape.


Top 10+ January Sales Wishlist

Top 10 +January Sales Wishlist

Sales time is already here! Many of the online stores have started their pre-sales offers and the rest will catch up in a matter of days. In the past, I used to buy anywhere I would spot the word “sale”, but in recent years I had opted to buy items that I could not afford were they not on discount or found the notion of buying anything above 400 € obscene.

This year I’ll be eyeing coloured clutches for the spring/summer and I still need to find the perfect classic leather biker  jacket. I saw Olivia Palermo wearing a pair of over the knee red boots and have been lusting over it ever since. Also for the spring/summer  I would like a light beige mid-sized bag.

At the moment, I need to be extra cautious with my finances, so I might opt to find my wish-list “lookalikes”in Zara, ASOS, Zalando and the like.

Which items will you be buying during the sales season?

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