Your best investment…

Having an effective personal image that exudes confidence and leaves a positive mark is not about money, wearing expensive brands, or the latest fashion. 

It’s about displaying a set of attributes such as manners, grace, attitude and pair them with the right personal style.

Your image effectively affects your mood, the way you interact and behave, mirroring your personality and how you feel inside, speaking of your professionalism

By developing your inner potential, you’ll learn to accept and know your body, selecting the best clothes, fabrics, and shapes for you.  Faithful to your personality and taste, I’ll guide you to create a style that defines your true self and adapts to your lifestyle.

Fine-tuning your soft skills plays a crucial role in ultimately achieving the coherent personal image you want to project, expanding beyond the visual to exude confidence,  professionalism, and authenticity.


Definition of objectives: Do you need a new job? Want a promotion? Get a new date? Sell a product?

 Style proposals. The colors, cuts, and fabrics that best suit you, the right accessories, and grooming

Implementation of a set of soft skills that will complement and enhance the image you want to transmit

“The best dress to the party of life is your attitude”  Carolina Herrera

Executive Presence

Do you want more visibility, credibility, climb the career ladder?

For over 17 years I’ve been working in companies in Brussels, London, and Madrid with top executives and C-level professionals from all over the world, seeing first-hand the major impact that personal image has in an individual’s career path.

It may come as a surprise but is not necessarily a degree and/or titles what makes some professionals stand out and be regarded in a positive light by their peers.

It has to do with their charisma, professionalism and communication skills that combined with their style and how they present themselves makes them exude authenticity, coherence, and credibility.

Boosting your status with expensive clothes and accessories won’t cut it. Your image must come from your manners, elegance, and paying attention to the details.

Phase One:

We’ll define needs and objectives

We’ll enhance your strengths and try to turn your weak areas into assets of your image/professional brand

We’ll establish and adopt the soft skills that will add to your competitive edge

Phase Two:

Align your style and personal appearance to create a positive and lasting impact

  • Style Assessment
  • Power Dressing
  • Personal appearance and grooming

Soft skills development

  • Communication: Verbal (Voice & Tone)
  • Communication: Written (e-mails, presentations, online social media)
  • Body Language: Non-verbal communication (posture, gestures)
  • Protocol & Etiquette

The Tailored Shopping Experience

Buying with purpose and adapted to your needs

• Do you keep overspending while having more of the same clothing, feeling and looking the same?

• Don’t know what really suits you?

• Lack of time?

• Crowded stores and long queuing at the fitting rooms ⇒ Too many reasons that can make shopping a real burden.

Stop buying what everybody else is wearing! …What suits one person doesn’t necessarily suit another. You’re unique, start having your own style adapted to your body, personality and own taste. If you don’t have it yet, I help you develop one!

With an exciting, informative, and enjoyable approach I offer a useful and positive shopping experience for you.

 Definition of the image you want to project and what’s your budget

→ Morphologic study → Brands tips: where to get more from your bang, and how to shop wisely

  Key pieces you need to get for the desired style

 Pre-shopping: I’ll go to the stores, reserve the items for you (upon stores availability), so when we go together you enjoy a personalized experience without wasting time.

Tailored packages adapted to the clients’ needs. 1 on 1 or in Groups


Editorial & Fashion Styling

Editorial Styling for brands and individuals

Each online image and printed media publication must be carefully studied down to a T.

It’s paramount to create a visual concept that communicates in a single glimpse the attributes and values of the brand, person or product.

→ Creative Direction: Definition and creation of a concept and its execution Sessions will involve attention to all the details involved in the photo composition and overall session Look and feel of the visuals Coordination with the manager of the venue (when photo shooting is done in interiors) Makeup (if needed)