About me

I am Aura, a Communication and Image expert, captivated by the transformational power and impact the personal image has on a person’s life

Outgoing, cheerful and receptive, I’m passionate about bringing the best in people, opening their eyes to their own potential.

With more than 17 years of international corporate experience, working with C-level, top executives and professionals from all over the world has helped me to validate, first-hand, the huge effect the personal image can have on people’s career paths and personal lives.

It’s fascinating to see the way people are perceived, treated and judged just by the way they look, talk, and interact with others.

So, I flung passionately into the Image Consulting field and went to the London College of Fashion, where I was trained and certified as a Personal Fashion Stylist and Image Coach at the hands of renowned stylist Polly Holman. 

Passionate about bringing the best in people, I boost my clients’ career prospects by improving their image and style, aligning their soft skills to convey a coherent message attuned with their goals, creating visual success and lasting impact.

Living in the digital era, and wanting to widen my scope in the sector, I studied Digital Marketing & Fashion in Social Media at the University of the Arts London UAL.

Also being a makeup enthusiast (lover!!), I studied professional makeup artistry at the MAKE UP FOREVER Academy in Brussels, Belgium, helping me to better advise my clients about grooming and enhancing their facial features.