Aligning your image with your goals is part of your personal development and a professional investment at best

Our image is all about how we communicate with our social environment. Is a key element of differentiation and authenticity.

Our personal image is one of the most powerful tools to achieve our objectives at a professional and personal level and has an impact beyond our social interaction.  It actually affects how we perceive, value and define ourselves, as a consequence, it has an effect on how we present and interact with others, impacting our accomplishments.

Starting from your auto-perception, boosting your confidence inside out, your image will end up reflecting your professionalism, becoming your secret weapon to connect with your audience.

Focusing on your needs and objectives, and based on your personality, I offer tailored image and communication solutions, integrating the key elements to develop a coherent personal image.

It’s a comprehensive approach, that covers verbal and non-verbal communication, attitude, gestures, posture, and certainly your style 

Your image is your walking CV…use it as a key differentiator, creating a positive and lasting impactboosting your career prospects.

→ Know exactly what to wear according to the occasion.

→ Master how to style capitalizing on your body and features.

Most importantly know how to apply a suite of communication tools to act fittingly in every situation, in a way that is coherent with your personal brand and image, making the difference.